Tifnee Smith plans curfew protest for Portland, Oregon

hey, this is tifnee from portland…the anti-curfew campaign in portland is really starting to take shape and we’ve received a lot of support and encouragement from other community activist groups…we’re working hard getting ready for the march 20th actions…what we’re doing here is having a march at 3 pm through downtown portland and then another action at midnight to protest the curfew during curfew hours…we’re hoping to make the last action be a kind of street celebration, with music, food, drink, and maybe a couple speakers…we’re still planning it…we’ve also got our local copwatch group to agree to come and document any police harassment/brutality we may experience…also, i haven’t heard from everyone in sacramento for a while so i’m not sure what’s going on there…

(2/6/99) Tifnee Smith would like March 20th to be a national day of action against curfews. On that day, her group of Portland, Oregon activists will stage a protest at 3 pm and then defy the curfew at midnight. According to Tifnee, activists in Sacramento may also stage a protest.

To promote the event, her group will be putting up anti-curfew flyers, distributing their own unique stickers, and possibly hanging some banners throughout the Portland area. If you would like to help publicize the event, take part in the Portland march, or plan a protest in your city, please contact Tifnee

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