March 20, 1999: Nationwide Day for Anti-Curfew Action

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March 20th 1999 is fast becoming a Nationwide Day for Anti-Curfew Action. You can help by organizing protests directly in any city with a curfew, joining efforts already underway in various cities, such as Portland and Houston, designing anti-curfew and youth rights related flyers on your own or by collaborating with others (online and offline), and in any other way you are willing to participate.

The original idea for a National Day against Curfews came from Tifnee Smith and was posted as part of a planned protest in Portland for march 20th on Libertarian Rock.

The direction and results of anything that will happen is completely open to anyone with initiative and ideas, or that is willing to plan, organize, support, or otherwise help in some way throw protests, lead rallies, or hold discussions about curfews and in favor of anti-curfew action.

If you decide to stage a protest, you may want to use our sample press release, distribute our stickers, or read a sample speech.

For more information about what is being planned, what you can do, or how much support you can expect if you want to plan something, come to the meeting or contact any of the following:

Tifnee Smith in Portland – and visit her page

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