Stoned but not suspended

The 2nd District Court of Appeals, which is just under the Supreme Court, ruled that a student cannot be suspended just because it appears that the student is under the influence of drugs. The court added that there must be evidence such as the actual possession of drugs.

The case before the 2nd District Court involved St. Petersburg High School employees who suspended two students for being under the influence of marijuana while on campus. However, at the time of the suspension, the students die not possess any drugs.

The ruling forced schools in the area to revise their policies, which automatically inflict a suspension upon any student who is on campus and simply under the influence of drugs. Many of the policies state that students “shall not…be under the influence of a controlled substance or an alcoholic beverage while on school property …” In the future, schools may demand a drug test to prove drug use. This search would probably be constitutional since the appearance of drug use could constitute “reasonable suspicion.”

Many students mistakenly admit that they’ve been using drugs or alcohol.

According to a local police officer, drug tests are often unnecessary because many students mistakenly admit that they’ve been using drugs or alcohol. Therefore, you must tell your principal that you are sober even if you are drunk or stoned and on school grounds. Do not admit that you are under the influence because a confession will give them the evidence they need to suspend you.

Drug prohibition is an attack on your individual right to live life as you see fit. Lying about drug use to government employees is like lying to burglars who are looking for your money.

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