Government tries to invade home-schools

The government continues to harass home-schooled students by trying to schedule visits by the principal of a local government school. Two parents in Lynn, Boston are fighting back by asking the state’s highest court to bar the inspections. The parents claim that the visits are like an unconstitutional search.According to the Home School Legal Defense Association, the school district in Boston is the only district in the country that is still trying to conduct the visits. Many other states have abandoned the idea due to legal challenges.

Since the visits are supposed to occur only once per year, it is obvious that the school officials simply want to intrude into the homes of these homeschoolers rather than actually judge the scholastic environment. Like curfew laws, which give the police the opportunity to stop you, the visits by school officials are simply a means to interfere and potentially regulate private homes.

Libertarian politicians will shut down all the government’s schools, abolish the income tax, and thereby allow your parents and you to find and afford private school options, including home schooling. In our Libertarian future, your children will be able to choose a high school in the same way that many people choose a college.

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