Classmates narc on student with gun

Students in an Indianapolis middle school turned in a classmate who had carried an unloaded 9mm handgun to school. The student did not display the gun or threaten anyone with it but his bragging alerted other students.Before you narc on a student with a gun, consider that fact that guns save lives. You will always hear about accidental gun deaths, but you will rarely hear about deadly situations that were avoided because of the presence of a handgun. For example, you will hear about a rape at school but you won’t hear about a potential rape victim who brandished a handgun to avoid an attack.

Nonviolent, armed students can adequately protect themselves and prevent school massacres like the ones that occurred earlier this year. If a deranged student begins to open fire in a crowded cafeteria, only another armed student can quickly stop the assailant. In addition, even the most deranged student is less likely to shoot at students who are armed.

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal mentioned that increased gun ownership amongst non-violent citizens leads to a reduction in crime. You can do your part by learning to use a weapon and electing Libertarian politicians who will restore your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

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