Genoa Carver in Golden, Colorado

The stickers are incredibly popular! PLEASE send more! I am thinking of laminating them, and hot gluing safety pins on the back! That way, would be curfew violators could wear the “badges” over and over again. But if I did that, I would have to sell them, to cover the costs. Would that be against what you meant for them?

Stickers have “mysteriously appeared” on walls, lockers, and some teachers desks! And those don’t come off to easy!!!

Can you think of anything else to do? I really want to help.

November 20,1998
I got the 300 stickers yesterday, and already I have only about 50 left. I really appreciate all the stuff that you are doing to help us (youth of America) along with our cause. I think every single person in my first class has one on their binder and one in their locker!

One suggestion that I have is that you put a phone number on your stickers, so people could either call to get more info or stickers, so that in addition to preventing a curfew arrest you could get more publicity.

I was wondering, could you please send me some info about other issues that Libertarian Rock deal with? Do you deal with teen abortions, and DUI’s?

If you could send me more stickers, they would be distributed faster than you could think.

November 15,1998
I just got the stickers in the mail. They are great! My buds all want some too! In the little note that came with the stickers it said that you could send me up to 300 stickers!!! Please do!!! I would gladly let you put my name on the website, along with the bio I sent earlier.

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