Elliott Edwards in Huntington Beach, California

I got the stickers and have given a lot out but not quite all, I’m being kind of selective in handing them out. I don’t want to give them out to people that won’t use them.

October 18 and 24,1998
If you send them, I’ll distribute them; send me 300 and there will be 300 more teens in Huntington Beach that will fight for their rights as well. My school (whether it deserves it or not) has a good reputation and kids come from all around Orange County and further to go there, which allows a wide spread group to become aware. I’ll let you know how it all goes, thanks again.

Libertarian Rock sent out 300 free stickers to Elliot.

October 17,1998
Just wanted to let you know I received the 10 free stickers and I can’t wait to see the look on the cops face when he sees he can’t make me go home after 10. Thank you.

Also I would definitely hand out more stickers to the youth of Huntington Beach if you’d like to send me more. On Fridays and Saturdays many teens gather on Main Street here, we don’t harass anyone, we don’t start problems, we simply enjoy the sea breeze and the salty night air. But around 10 pm the cops start telling teens to leave and get on their way home, the stickers will put a stop to this! I will hand them out to the students at my school as well. Thanks again and I can’t wait to get more stickers! See ya later.

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