Commentary – Election day means revenge

On November 3, I struck back. I pulled the voting lever and in a way, tried to tear down the cage of intolerance that restricts all of our lives. Searching across the panel in the voting booth, I finally found the Libertarian politicians who were buried amidst the names, as if intentionally placed out of view. But nothing was about to stop me from finding the people who will give me freedom. I found their names and cast my votes.

Here, on Libertarian Rock’s website, I would like to remind you about the issues that matter to you. The issues that you can change if you vote. You have or will have the power to lower the drinking age, the smoking age, and even the voting age. The power to tear down the cage of intolerance so that you can live your life as you see fit.

The politicians can stop you from drinking, driving, and smoking but they can’t prevent you from taking revenge in the voting booth. Before you cast your first vote, think about your endless nights and days being stranded without a driver’s license in suburbia, think about the cops who rip cigarettes out of your mouth, and the cops that tell you to move along after curfew. Then step into the voting booth and pull all of the Libertarian levers.

You must never forget your youth. You will eventually turn 18, 28, and 58, but you must always remember the curfews laws, the backpack laws, and all the other unnatural restrictions on your lifestyle. You must remember these laws so that every two years, you are psyched and determined to make the voting booth your battleground, the voting booth levers your swords, and the Libertarian Party your calvary.

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