Anonymous Rockstar in San Antonio, Texas

I have taken the stickers to my school for 2 days and I am already almost out of em. People really like the hanging out is not a crime ones. I got my entire spanish class to help distribute them. My teacher even asked for one to put on her car. This is just my school too. It’ll be awesome to see what’s gonna happen when we branch out to all the other San Antonio schools.

Although I have met some opposition against this movement, the majority is getting involved. Great to hear about the others around the country doing their part, hope I don’t let em down for Texas. Remember the saying “everythings bigger in Texas”, well lets see if we can make that true for the anti curfew movement too. Keep kickin bureaucratic ass man.

October 10,1998
I have contacts in schools all around San Antonio. The demand for the stickers is pretty high here and I am always getting asked where to get them and if I can get them some. Time is short on my part so I haven’t been able to go to a copy shop much at all. However, If you could send me some I’d be sure to distribute em all to be sure that they’d get around. Let me know what I have to do to get the 300. This is a kick ass thing going on and I want to do my part. Rock on man.

October 2,1998
Shawn responded to Libertarian Rock’s 10 free sticker offer by sending in two self-addressed envelopes so that we could send him 20 free stickers.

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