Government Imprisons Teen for Trying to Protect Himself

A 16 year-old in New Jersey was recently sentenced to two years in prison for carrying a gun that probably would have saved his life. Just 12 days before being arrested, he watched one of his friends get murdered. Since the police cannot be everywhere, he logically realized that he needed a way to protect himself.

The recent shootings in schools may signal that crime is now entering schools but it was always present just off school grounds. Many people must carry a gun to ensure that they can peacefully go to and return from school. And after watching a murder, as the New Jersey teenager did, the average person would get a gun for protection.

Unfortunately, the government wants to disarm the entire population. Despite the clear words of the second amendment, which guarantees every citizen the right to carry a gun, the government continues to deny that right to millions of people.

The government defends its disarmament policy by claiming that the average citizen cannot handle the responsibility of a gun. The real reason for its policy is to ensure that you cannot fight back if the government wants search you or seize you property. The police and the politicians want to be able to freely take away your cigarettes and alcohol without worrying about you fighting back.

This policy destroys your rights and prevents you from adequately protecting yourself against criminals. Only libertarians will guarantee you the right to carry a gun in order to deter criminals or, if necessary, fight back. Fortunately, you probably won’t have to use your gun because studies have shown that crime goes down as more honest people carry guns.

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