Student protests are back

June 1, 1998 – Students are finally realizing that the government is more likely to harass them, rather than protect them. This year, students from at least 10 colleges and universities rallied and rioted because of new rules that affect their social lifestyle.

The students are responding to laws that ban porch furniture, place limits on how many people can share a home, and ban drinking at popular outdoor events. Some of these laws are written by their universities, but most of them are thought up by intolerant politicians in college towns.

Recently, newspapers across the country printed a related article that characterizes the rallies as “rebelliousness without a cause,” or distractions from severe problems such as, “racism, education equity, and labor conditions.”

The article’s author does not realize that fighting for one’s right to live in peace should be praised, rather than condemned. These students are finally responding the government’s attacks on every individual’s lifestyle.

Because of their efforts, like the efforts of the country’s founding fathers, all people of the United States may someday have the opportunity to regulate their own lives. There may be other problems, such as world hunger, but that does not mean that people should allow the government to take away their freedom.

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