Savage beating at government school

Students have more to fear from their psychotic fighting classmates than the rare sight of a Trenchcoat assassin. This week, three violent students savagely beat another student in the hallway of the government’s Overbrook high school in Philadelphia.
As you know, government school officials don’t care about students and this fight highlighted the extent of their callousness. According to the mother of the victim, teachers and security guards were slow to respond to the fight. The assailants were then only charged with disorderly conduct until the victim’s mother called the police, who raised the charges to assault.

But where are the press, who all set up camp in Littleton when students were harmed by other students? They are busy reporting on crimes involving guns so they can help the government disarm everyone under the age of 55. Crimes with fists don’t lead to civilian disarmament.

This most recent beating is no surprise at a school with 34 reported assaults against students, teachers and other school workers, plus one robbery and 17 disorderly conduct cases during this past school year. If this beating was only disorderly conduct, we fear for the victims of assaults.

“That school has a history of a lot of fights,” said Mike Lodise, president of the School Police Association of Philadelphia. He could have said that, “government schools have a history of a lot of fights.”

Government schools are like prisons: students fear each other more than the guards. The only solution is to close these pseudo-prisons and allow students to choose their own school, if they even want to go to school.

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