NJ Tightens Driving Laws

Suburbia is about to become more inconvenient for teenagers. The New Jersey Senate recently passed a graduated license program, which is similar to programs in California, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

At the moment, New Jersey teenagers can get a full license when they turn 17. Under the new program, 17-year-olds will receive a provisional license that forbids them from having more than one passenger in the car unless the passenger is over the age of 21 or lives with the driver. The driver also cannot drive between midnight and 5 a.m., except for religious reasons, emergencies, or employment.

The state claims that it wants to reduce accidents but the Senate’s real motivation is to control the lives of teenagers. Driving may be dangerous but many people are willing to accept the risks. And if the other people don’t want to be on the road with 15-year-old drivers, then they should build their own road.

Vote for Libertarian politicians who will sell the roads to private companies that are more likely to base their driving rules on skill rather than age.

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2 comments on “NJ Tightens Driving Laws

  1. I think this law is a danger to our young licenced drivers. They are made to post stickers on their cars to make everyone in veiw know that they are minors. It is more of a danger issue than a safefy issue. Our teens are more sucepatible to car jackers and to random stops by police officers, and or people claiming to be police officers. My son was recently mugged on the street and had to be hospitalized. Now I make sure he is with a group of friends for safety rather than walking or driving alone. He was pulled over on a weekend coming from the pool at 2:30pm with his bestfriend and stepbrother in the car and the police didnt even ask was one passenger his family member. He was given a ticket for this and told to go home he was too young to be on the road!! This is harrasment and makes me very scared to have my son drive at all. I would rather he drive with two friends than to walk and get mugged because of his sneakers. I got him the car for safety reasons to to be harrassed muliple times in the early afternoon. This is an outrage. Something needs to be done about this new Law.

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