MaryKait Durkee refuses to recite pledge, files lawsuit

MaryKait Durkee, a student in San Diego, California is the latest Libertarian Rockstar. A few months ago she stopped reciting the pledge of allegiance. Her teacher responded by sending her to the principal, who threatened to give her detention. The American Civil Liberties Union filed a federal lawsuit in her behalf to protect her First Amendment free-speech rights.

Durkee disagrees with the pledge because she doesn’t believe in God, thinks the government is corrupt and that American society is too violent. She has no respect for a country that has so many problems.

Despite the lawsuit, the school threatened her with detention. To avoid further punishment, she now stands while the rest of her class recites the pledge. The ACLU will seek a restraining order against the school so that Durkee can forgo the pledge during the remainder of the school year while the case proceeds through court.

If the student wins the case and the federal judges in your area agree with the verdict, then you’ll probably have the right to skip the government’s daily dose of propaganda .

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