Colorado chips away at zero-tolerance

After a 10-year-old in Colorado was expelled for turning in a paring knife, which she accidentally brought to school, the state legislature revised its zero-tolerance law. Schools no longer have to automatically expel a student who brings in “dangerous weapons” to school. The law’s new exception exempts those students who notify a school administrator as soon as possible after discovery of the weapon.In a Libertarian society, schools would only expel dangerous students, not peaceful students who have “dangerous” weapons. Libertarians believe that guns and knives don’t kill people, “people kill people.”

Ironically, if schools allowed peaceful students to arm themselves, there would be less shootings at schools. Because of the government’s efforts to disarm all American citizens, when an angry student opens fire in a school cafeteria, the student knows that his peers can’t fire back. If they were armed, he would probably think of more peaceful ways to vent his anger.

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