Arlington School Persecutes Drinkers

The personal lives of students in Arlington, Virginia are under attack. In July, the school board passed a new policy which prohibits any student who has been issued a ticket for possessing alcohol, who admitted to drinking or who has been seen drinking by a district employee — regardless of whether it is at a school-related event — to participate in extracurricular activities.

Punishment for drinking alcohol is common at government schools but this policy seeks to control the behavior of students when they are not at school. Now that the intolerant government administrators have crossed into the private lives of local students, they will eventually write policies that forbid students from skate boarding, riding a bicycle without a helmet, or even having sex.

The alcohol policy is also an example of double-punishment, or double-jeopardy, which is illegal. In Arlington, a student could get issued a ticket on a Thursday night, and then endure more punishment when he arrives at school on Friday. Basically, the government cannot prosecute a citizen twice for the same crime. Hopefully, a student will sue the school district over this issue.

At the very least, students in Arlington should actively protest the school’s attempt to control their private lives. And if you don’t live in Arlington, be ready to protest if your intolerant government school administrators tell you how to live your life.

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