The Government Cancels Another Indigo Girls Concert

(5/10/98) The government continues to send a strong message to lesbians: don’t come near our schools. In less than one week, three government schools canceled free concerts by the Indigo Girls because they are lesbians.

The most recent cancellation occurred at a school in Tennessee. The school’s principal defended the cancellation by stating that the band had used profanity at a recent show. The co-editor of the school paper contradicted the principal by saying, “It’s understood by everyone that the show was canceled because the Indigo Girls are gay.”

The Indigo Girls simply changed their schedule but many gay students still have to attend these intolerant government schools. They must remain in a school that blatantly discriminates against gay people.

Most people think that the government protects unique groups. But the opposite is often the case. Despite the propaganda distributed by the government, there will always be intolerant principals that dislike Lesbians or condone sexist rallies.

Only the free-market ensures that there will always be schools that welcome unique groups, such as gay students. Make that happen by voting Libertarian.

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