Teenage Hacker

The government doesn’t think that teenagers are smart enough to make decisions. Maybe they should take a look at a sophomore at Cloverdale High School in California, who may have hacked into the Pentagon’s computers. He may have outsmarted the finest minds in the Pentagon, but Republicans and Democrats still won’t allow him to vote, smoke cigarettes, or stay out past 10 pm.

In late February, the FBI raided his home to search for proof that he hacked into the Pentagon’s system. He was still allowed to attend class the next day and he barely spoke of the incident. It seems that for this intelligent teenager, his hack wasn’t a big deal.

This teenager proves that the government’s attacks on the rights of teenagers are based on prejudice rather than logic. Politicians used to think that women and blacks were incapable of voting. They said only white men understood the needs of the country. Today, our politicians are saying the same thing about teenagers.

Not all teenagers are as intelligent as this hacker, but one does not need to be a computer whiz to decide whether to smoke or who to vote for. These are relatively simple decisions that all individuals should make for themselves.

Many teenagers think the government just wants to harass teenagers. Unfortunately, that harassment continues for their whole life. In many states, no one can smoke at work, no one can drink past 2 am, and no one can drive more than 70 mph. Basically, the government thinks everyone is an idiot.

Like the blacks of the old South, you are being treated like second-class citizens. You’re obviously smart enough to make decisions for yourself, but the government doesn’t care what you think. Our current politicians think you are like shrubs in a garden, and they want to cut and trim you into obedient, docile citizens.

Libertarians are the only politicians who know that you are smart enough to hack into a computer and smart enough to know when to have sex. These libertarians need you to spread the word. Call the local libertarian party in your town and tell them you want to help out. With your help, eventually teenagers will have the same rights as every other citizen.

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