Students Protest, Then Trash Their School

A peaceful, student protest at a Miami high school turned into a riot. The students were protesting their first-year principal, who had canceled traditional events and forced the transfer of at least six staff members.
The protest began during lunchtime as a peaceful student walkout. Though when the principal stepped outside to calm the crowd, more than 200 students began to vandalize the building. They tipped over trophy cases and vending machines, set a trash can on fire, and one person cracked the principal’s car windshield with a rock. Seven students were arrested and charged with fighting, disorderly conduct and inciting a riot.

The students’ frustration with their principal is understandable. Many of them cannot switch schools so they must endure the principal’s new policies. Its as if they got a new boss at their company but they’re not allowed to quit.

Unfortunately, the protest degenerated into a riot. If the students had remained peaceful, most people would have have questioned the policies of the principal. Now the students, rather than the principal, are seen as the troublemakers.

Protests are an effective way to attract attention to a problem as long as they stay peaceful. A peaceful protest will encourage people to reconsider the law that you are protesting. Many times an unjust law is written with any opposition because the politicians only focus on the law’s positive impact. Not until a protest starts, do people consider the negative impact of the law.

Keep the pubilc and the media focused on the law by remaining peaceful. And vote Libertarian so one day students in Miami will simply switch from one private school to another, rather than stage a protest.

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