Sexist and Offensive Rally Held at Government School

A pep rally at McClintock High School in Arizona turned into a sexist attack on the student body. Both genders encountered abuse during the rally which included jello wrestling, inflated condoms, and sexist insults.The school’s administrators permitted boys to wear T-shirts which read, “Girls Suck”, posters read, “Girls go back to the kitchen,” and during a jello wrestling match between a male student and a female student, the boy threw the girl down and then reportedly “rode her like a horse.”

The school’s principal further infuriated both parents and teachers by saying that he doesn’t know whether someone should have stopped the event. “Kids will take it to the limit,” he said. “For the most part, pep assemblies are known to be the most wonderful things in the world.”

This principal doesn’t have to care about parents, students, or teachers because he works for the government. Even if he distributed KKK literature, the government would not fire him because the government rarely fires anyone.

He may eventually have to apologize for the incident but he’ll still have his job. And since the government has a monopoly on education, most parents have to continue to send their children to a school which has a sexist insensitive principal.

This man is entitled to have his views but the government should not force anyone to endure them. The government should guarantee every parent the right to choose a school that forbids jello wrestling. Libertarians will give everyone that right.

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