Teens Suspended for Lewd Tattoos

Two high school students in San Antonio, Texas, were suspended for getting tattoos, which depicted a sex act. The school forbids tattoos of any kind and the sexual theme expedited their suspension.Tattoos, especially ones with a sexual theme, can distract other students. Any school, whether it is run by a private company or by the government, would probably forbid the display of tattoos. But private schools would probably not forbid students from getting tattoos.

Schools are supposed to be places where people learn to think. The government has expanded the purpose of schools by allowing principals to dictate how student’s dress and whether they decide to write on their bodies. The government simply wants every student to act like a docile child who has no unique characteristics.

Libertarians would close all government schools, cut taxes, and allow parents to use their money to pay for private schools, many of which would have much more tolerant principals.

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