Teen Faces Trial for Hosting Party

The party’s over. This past week, the New York Supreme court ruled that a 17 year-old who hosted a party at her house can be held liable for a guest’s injury. The guest was punched by another guest as the police arrived to break up the party. The assailant and the victim settled out of court, but the victim launched another case against the host of the party. Initially, lower courts ruled that the host was not liable because she did not “furnish” the alcohol. The NY Supreme Court overturned the lower courts’ rulings to specifically uphold the drinking law, which was written to discourage underage drinking.

Think twice before you have a party at your house. Now, like a bartender, you can potentially be held liable for a guest’s safety at your party and even after your party. If you decide to have a party, you should probably have your guests bring their own alcohol. Then, they would be furnishing their own alcohol and be responsible for their own actions. Vote for Libertarians will repeal the drinking age and allow teenagers the freedom to throw up in the toilet of a friend’s parent’s bathroom.

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