New Drivers Will Always Have Higher Death Rates

The insurance industry is in bed with the government. After finishing a study which claims that new drivers have higher death rates, the insurance industry is asking state governments to increase driving restrictions. The industry specifically prefers a graduated license program which includes curfews for new drivers.

Insurance company executives and our current politicians may want to study new users of other vehicles. They would quickly realize that new users of every type of vehicle, including planes or farm equipment, have more accidents than experienced users. If the government raised the driving age to 30, then everyone above 30 would complain about the high accident rates of 30-year-olds.

Rather than increase the driving age for full driving privileges, the government could reduce the age for new restricted, daytime licenses. Then, by the time a 15 year old turns 16, he or she would have one full year of daylight driving. This would increase the driving freedom of teenagers and probably reduce the number of accidents.

If we lived in a Libertarian society, private companies, rather than our intolerant government, would own the roads. The companies would read the study and make their own decisions. Each company would decide whether or not it is necessary to change their age limits. Then we could respond to their actions by using or not using their roads. Right now, we don’t have a choice. Remember, LIbertarians are pro-choice on every issue.

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One comment on “New Drivers Will Always Have Higher Death Rates

  1. According to statistics released each year by the Health and Safety Authority, a large proportion of serious workplace injuries and fatalities happen in agriculture with one of the biggest contributing factors to these statistics being a farm machinery accident.

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