Government teacher draws on eyelids

Don’t forget to dot your i’s and cross your t’s because the government may humiliate you. A student in Hayward, California, failed to satisfy his teacher’s spelling demands so the teacher drew dots and circles on his eyelids. When he closed his eyes, it looked like he had a second set of eyes. His parents responded by suing the school for $1 million for violating their son’s civil rights.It is unlikely that the teacher would have done this if she worked in a private school. Private schools compete with other schools for students so they are wary of humiliating a paying customer. But since the teacher works in a government school, she knows that most families cannot afford to send their children to a private school so they will endure any type of instruction and punishment. The teacher also knows that the government rarely fires anyone. I doubt the school even reprimanded the teacher.

Vote for Libertarians who will close all government schools, abolish the tax that pays for these schools, and allow parents to use their own money on the school they think is right for their child. In this competitive environment, teachers would use more benign methods to teach grammar.

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