Daylight Savings Sparks Bar Brawl

The government sends teenagers home at around 10 pm and drinkers home at around 4 am. In most cities, all bars must close at a specific time. Usually it varies from about 12:30 am in Nantucket, MA to about 4 am in New York City.

In Ohio, the bars must close at 2 am and last week, the government forced the bars to close at 1 am because of the pending daylight savings time change. For the second year in a row, more than one thousand bar patrons struck back against our intolerant government by rioting in the streets.

Rather than rioting, they should simply elect Libertarian politicians who would repeal all drinking laws and drinking curfews. Libertarians believe that all people, regardless of age, should be allowed to decide if and when they would like to have a drink.

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