Rockstars in San Diego, California

We received the following message from Joseph Henchman, a libertarian activist in San Diego. “A buddy and I headed down to Horton Plaza Friday night to join in the protest. I had exchanged e-mails with the organizers, and it seemed like it was going to be a good one. Anyways, we ran into the Graham Brothers (local Libertarian activists) and a few Peace and Freedom party people, but no other teenagers except my friend and I. In short, the protest was a bust. No signs, no media, etc. There were some mall cops that I heard harassed the Grahams a bit, but that’s about it. Just to let you know…”

February 21,1998
We received the following message from the Graham brothers, two libertarian activists in San Diego: “We went to the protest, but there was no protest organizer or HS students…We did get harassed by petty mall security… ”

February 16,1998
A group of San Diego high school students will lead a curfew protest in downtown San Diego this Friday night in front of Horton Plaza shopping center. The protest will begin at 9:30 pm and end at 5 am the following day. To get there from North County, take Bus 20 from North County Fair to Horton Plaza. Buses stop running to Horton Plaza at 11 pm and start running back at 5 am.

This is your opportunity to tell all of San Diego that the curfew is unjust and a threat to everyone’s freedom. On Friday night, join the protest to convince people that the curfew is a prison sentence that must be repealed.

Prepare a protest sign for the event with an anti-curfew message. Use a very thin stick for your sign since the police have the right to confiscate protest signs that are attached to a large sticks, which can be used as weapons. Here are some slogan suggestions:

“Curfew, a much more family-oriented word than martial law” “Hanging out is not a crime” “Repeal the Curfew” “Land of the Free”

The rockstar already handed out more than 300 anti-curfew stickers at her high school and we will send her 500 more stickers for her to distribute at the Friday night protest. We can’t send our bullhorn to if you have one, please bring it to the march.

We expect that the police will not interfere with the protest or any individual activists since there was not a single arrest at any of Libertarian Rock’s San Diego protests during the summer of 1997. Please remain peaceful at the event and treat the police with respect.

This is your opportunity to fight back. PROTEST THE CURFEW!

November 13,1998
I just want to say by the time 3rd break came around at school all the stickers I sent in for were gone WOW A?

Well keep it up out there

November 12,1998
This is Anonymous. The person who sent in 4 envelopes. I would be glad to dedicate myself to distributing the repeal the curfew stickers and the other stickers you have on the same subject. There is no other city that likes to party as much as us kiddies in San Diego. I am sure that you will be getting lots of my buddies writing in asking for more suggestions on the issue and so forth. If you could send that 300 sticker packet too.

I would be glad to pass them out to the other prospective political opinioners. Thank you for your dedication and help.

A few days after receiving the letter above, Libertarian Rock sent out 300 stickers to Anonymous!

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