Protest March in La Jolla

San Diego, CA — On Saturday night, 20 anti-curfew protesters marched along Prospect St. in La Jolla, California. Their march began at 10 p.m. and lasted until Midnight. The protesters chanted slogans, distributed literature, and solicited signatures for their petition.

In less than two hours, their petition grew by more than 100 names due to overwhelming support from La Jolla pedestrians. Dave, organizer of the protest march, was not surprised by their reaction. “People were also supportive in Mission Beach,” said Dave. “Many of the people who like the curfew believe that everyone should be in by 10 p.m. They are like swimmers who want to outlaw surfing.”

During the march, pedestrians voiced their support and even joined the march. “There are few things more inspiring than watching people spontaneously join a march for freedom,” said Dave.

Dave continued to emphasize that thousands of cities, including New York, fight crime without curfew laws. “We marched to show the entire county that we should punish criminals, not honest Americans,” said Dave. “The curfew law is oppressive. It is like punishing all of your children even though only one of them didn’t do his homework.”

Despite being struck down as unconstitutional in June, and then revised less than one month later, many La Jolla pedestrians were unaware of the law. To promote the new law, the city will begin an anti-gang campaign which will include posters and television commercials that feature the curfew.

“We do not not have taxpayer money to get our point across, but we have our feet,” said Dave. “To paraphrase one woman after the Montgomery bus boycott, at the end of this campaign, ‘our feet will be tired, but our souls will be rested.'”

Next Saturday, August 9th, there will be another protest march in La Jolla. “We will bring our campaign to every town in San Diego county,” said Dave. “Mission Beach, La Jolla, and every town with people who, after three years of silent disgust, yearn for an opportunity to speak out against the curfew.”

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