Curfew Protest Returns to La Jolla

San Diego, CA — On Saturday, August 9, the Campaign to Repeal the Curfew will have a protest march in La Jolla. After collecting almost 100 petition signatures during their march last Saturday night, they are returning to Prospect St. to promote their campaign and generate more support.

“Last Saturday night’s march energized all of the protesters,” said Dave, organizer of the campaign. “We met hundreds of people who support our campaign. We are returning to La Jolla to find even more.”

Dave said that he is leading this campaign because the curfew violates the civil rights of human beings. “Regardless of age, gender, and race, all human beings are related to one another. Those people who support the curfew have used the knife of intolerance to cut the human relationship they share with teenagers,” said Dave.

The city politicians claim that the curfew is a tool to fight crime. “They use the curfew as a tool but not in their war on crime,” said Dave. “Like the Baptists who are boycotting Disney, the politicians use the curfew in their war of intolerance.”

The protesters are meeting at the corner of Girard and Silverado at 7:30 p.m. and will march along Prospect St. beginning at 8:00 pm.

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