Nation Focuses on Curfew Protest

San Diego, CA — The curfew protesters wanted and are now getting their M-TV. As part of a series on youth rights in America, M-TV News will cover the Campaign to Repeal the Curfew’s next protest march this Saturday night in downtown San Diego. The curfew protesters will meet at 9 pm in front of Planet Hollywood.

“For the past 6 weeks, we have told San Diego that crime prevention should not place honest Americans under house arrest,” said Dave, organizer of the campaign. “On Saturday night, we will bring our message to the nation.”

The curfew law forbids those under 18 from being out past 10 pm. Dave said that this is a clear violation of the First Amendment which states that Congress shall make no law which prohibits the right of people peacefully to assemble. “In 1997, that means the right to hang out,” said Dave.

“Unlike Article One of the Constitution which sets a minimum age for Senators and Congressional Representatives, there is no minimum age in the First Amendment,” said Dave. “The Founding Fathers wanted to guarantee the freedom to assemble to all citizens, regardless of age. By violating this right, our local politicians have proven that not even the Constitution will stop them from controlling our lives.”

Dave plans to promote the campaign at high schools throughout the county. Last week, the Eastlake Edge, the newspaper of Eastlake High School, printed a story about the campaign. Today, he and fellow protester, Antonio Grajeda, will distribute campaign flyers at Eastlake High School at 7 a.m.

“All teenagers in San Diego will know about our campaign and learn about their rights,” said Dave. “Our campaign will teach them that civil liberties belong to all Americans.”

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