Anti-Curfew Campaign Protests Net of Intolerance

San Diego, CA — The San Diego government has more than just a safety net. To visually show that the San Diego juvenile curfew is a net of intolerance, curfew protesters will cover themselves with a fishing net at their protest tonight in Mission Bay Park.

“Like the dolphins caught in the tuna nets, honest Americans are being unjustly caught in the curfew’s net of intolerance,” said Dave, organizer of the Campaign to Repeal the Curfew. “In this city, one used to be able to travel freely, now, people under 18 are threatened by the net of intolerance. If they are not going to a city-approved activity, they will be arrested.”

Dave hopes that the fishing net will help people understand the purpose of the city’s curfew. “The curfew law is used to forbid all Americans under 18 from hanging out,” said Dave. “Our campaign will cut the city’s net of intolerance and allow peaceful, honest Americans the freedom to hang out during the beautiful nights in San Diego.”

Dave also claims that the curfew law ridicules the First Amendment. “The law forbids hanging out unless a citizen is exercising his First Amendment right to peacefully assemble,” said Dave. “That is like saying women can’t vote unless they exercise their 19th Amendment right to vote.”

Tonight’s protest will begin at 10 pm in Mission Bay Park across from the Belmont Roller Coaster. The Campaign to Repeal the Curfew began on July 11th, 1997 and has held protests throughout the city of San Diego.

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