San Diego’s Finest Reduce Crime

San Diego, CA – July 15, 1997 — The City Council recently reported that teen crime has declined 28 percent due to the curfew. At tonight’s Rally Against the Curfew, the protesters plan to publicly invite the Mayor to prove that the curfew law has directly reduced crime.

“We want the Mayor to show us exactly how the crime rate has declined because of the curfew,” said Dave. “We believe that the Mayor’s statement is an insult to the San Diego Police Department. Crime has declined during the day and night, but not due to the Mayor’s curfew law. Crime has declined because of the hard work of the police department.”

“I know the Mayor would love to take credit for reducing crime, but the reality, Mayor Golding, is that San Diego’s finest are responsible for making the city safer,” said Dave.

At one point during last night’s rally, the protesters chanted, “more police, less laws.” Dave said that to fight crime the city should repeal the law and hire more police. “This would ensure that we punish only criminals and not honest teenagers,” said Dave.

After a weekend of rallies, citizens returned on Monday night for the fourth consecutive rally. The rallies, which take place at Mission Bay Park, across from the Belmont Roller Coaster, are growing each night.

“The rallies just keep getting better,” said Dave, organizer of the rally. “People are beginning to realize that they can and should fight for their freedom.”

A rally volunteer will be distributing flyers at Correia Junior High School in Point Loma at 11:40 p.m. The school is located at 4302 Valeta St.. The fifth rally will be tonight, from 10 p.m. to Midnight. Rebel Rebel, a band from Los Angeles, will play at Saturday night’s rally.

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