150 Americans Attend Curfew Protest

San Diego, CA — More than 150 people attended the Rally Against the Curfew last night in Mission Bay Park. It was the 15th consecutive rally and also the most successful. Future rallies will held every Saturday until the city repeals the curfew law.

“Last night proved that this campaign has awakened people from an undignified stupor,” said Dave, organizer of the rally. “No longer will people under 18, or their parents, accept illogical laws that punish honest Americans rather than criminals.”

Over the past two weeks, local residents have felt the impact of the protest. Cars honk their horns, pedestrians shout out their support, and the curfew protesters chant in unison about their rights. Dave has responded by encouraging the protesters to lower their voices and he will also no longer use a megaphone.

“We can accomplish our goals without disturbing local residents,” said Dave. “I only hope that residents are also calling the Mayor. If they ask the Mayor to adopt more effective crime prevention methods, she could repeal the law and we would gladly stop our protest.”

At last night’s rally, a local ska band violated the noise code. Police stopped the band but did not make any arrests. The protesters, who were not involved with the band, have a First Amendment right to attend a political rally.

“Unlike the curfew law, the police did not throw the baby out with the bath water,” said Dave. “The police spoke to the 5 band members but allowed the other 145 peaceful individuals to continue their protest.”

Dave was excited about the turnout. “This campaign is only 2 weeks old and already more than 150 people are actively protesting,” said Dave. “Like the Blacks of Birmingham who buried segregation, we will also place San Diego’s curfew into the cemetery of oppressive laws.”

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